A day trip in Frankfurt am Main



Goethe check

The very well known Faust author was born in Frankfurt a.M., where he also grew up with his parents and sister. I would recommend anyone visiting Frankfurt to take time, to watch how Wolfgang grew up as a toddler without actually having a laptop and other tech stuff around. There are also some revelations that I did not know about Goethe’s Family and was really satisfied upon having visited the family house. The entrance price for students were at 3 euros which made my pocket very happy.


Old-City watching

Most of Germany’s big city’s have this so called „Alt Stadt“ (Old city) corner and you will get the impression of seeing Frankfurt as a city that still treasures tradition and architecture. This part of the city is reachable and is convenient to see because it is not far from the malls and the train station as well.



German Film Museum

The German Film museum is located in the city and is manageable to reach from the train station of Frankfurt. They have a lot of events and workshops for students and Film enthusiasts. Field trips are also done here by the students. Upon entering, there is a small collection of the ever first noted German films.


Bratwurst eating

When you do come by the city center where the train station is at, you have to taste the German sausag; Bratwurst. It just makes the one day trip give the German taste and your tummy will be full as well. The price of this sausage is also affordable compared to the other food there is in a big city like Frankfurt.

The trip was nice because most of the attractions that was on my intention to visit were in the city and it was all reachable by walking. To add to that, I only took about a hundred euro from Lower Saxony for seeing Frankfurt for a day. I would recommend to plan a one day trip a month before because time flies fast, and you cant manage to see everything in one day.


Written by: Katherine Draheim


My Roller coaster experience in Heide Park Resort

edited-1Heide Park Resort, Soltau, Germany.

As a kid I always wanted to ride dangerous- looking-roller coasters, but, because of some hindrances (age, height, financial status, nervous mom, time) I tend to miss the opportunity. Now, intetionally, I had to do it, (before reaching thirty and knowing I am still healthy enough to endure heart attacks and the like….) I went to one of the best roller coaster park here, in northern Germany, The Heide Park Resort.

Here are some of the trains and entertaining spots I went to ride and experience.


„The Scream“

This was my favorite ride. A free fall ride. You really would think its your last day on earth from falling down on a 103 meter long tower. Do not leave Heide Park without trying this out.

The Bobbahn

(Not on the photo 😦 ) This was the harmless ride I had. I rode it twice. I would recommend it to people who are afraid to ride the Kraken.





The „Krake“ ride was steep. Very steep. This should also be on the list of your Heide Park adventure if you happen to visit. Because of my petite and light structure, I was dragged by the air upon falling from the tip. You wont even get wet, it just looks like you would get wet. After the Krake ride, I did not go for a second round anymore. It was awesome.

How to train your Dragon park

If ever you would not dare take the cool rides, you can still take the childrens path of adventure. There is this boating site, Hiccup’s Park and Egyptian coasters that do not need a height limit, nor seem dangerous.



Before deciding to go to this Park, I would recommend to visit when pupils do not have their vacation time, so you have the chance to ride all the roller coaster you wish to and the line would not be that long.


Written by: Katherine Draheim



Island visit in Langeoog, Germany


Langeoog is located in the north shores of Germany. It was quite an erratic day to visit an Ísland where you do not know if a splash of water would run down your head. Still, I would not know when I would have time again to visit Germany’s Island so I went for it! Here are the Things you would see in Langeoog!


No cars allowed!

I haven’t seen one car at all in this Island, the wonderful alternative for faster transportation is by a horse calash or by bike. Langeoog has a small train station for the way to the ship’s pier and to the City Center.


Interesting Street Signs

Upon arriving in Langeoog, you’ll see various street signs that would help you know where to go.


Eis Cafe/ Ice Cafe

Having an ice cream for a sunny day-stay is really good. The Cafe’s in Langeoog are at affordable prices for me, as a Student.


….and of course the beach!

A lot of Germans head to the north beaches because it is a practical alternative compared to the beach in Mallorca, Spain. A lot of families prefer the north Islands because it is reachable by the Autobahn and the prices are Family friendly.


Written by: Katherine Draheim


A day-tour in Bremen, Germany

The last week of the summer weather in Germany is here and I had to make the time for a small travel in the Bundesland of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen). Bremen was my destination yesterday! So, what did I do for a day tour in Bremen?

City Tour

With or without a tour guide, you will see a lot about Bremen. Boettcher street is an interesting narrow street in Bremen that is tourist known because a Museum lies within this street. But within the neighboring streets are also the Capitol, the rock to spit on and the statue of Roland.


Spotted the Town Musicians

Leaving without spotting these fine singers from the famous childrens story of the Grim Brothers is a NO-NO! Better look out for them cause they belong to Bremen’s treasures.


The Town Musicians (in German: Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten)

Tasted Becks Beer!

Becks is the beer of Bremen. When you happen to be standing beside the Weser river (located near Boettcher street), you would be sniffing malt. The beer factory is also located beside the Weser river. It was a good beer for me cause I got thirsty from going around the city.


Visit art & historical sites

Bremen also offers Art and History. The Art musuem is located in the city center, „am Wall street“ and a historical ship tour is located in the Weser river. Bremen is also considered as a soccer city with a very known football team: SV Werder Bremen. They have a big football stadium within the city as well.



Upon arriving in the train center, I came to an interesting museum which is about the ocean, nature, culture, development and migration. Subjects that surround Bremen and the people. I would recommend the Übersee-museum (pronounced as Ueberse in english) to nature and culture enthusuiast as well as families with toddlers.

Überseemuseum, 2nd floor – Africa site and the Homo Sapien.

 It is must to travel in Bremen when the sun shines, but Bremen’s Christmas market is also to await, & it does not take to long anymore before December, so I might visit again very soon! Bremen was a really nice city to visit for a day, as you see, I made my time useful 🙂

 Written by: Katherine Draheim

5 reasons to join Music Festivals in Germany

Apocalyptica-Mera Luna Festival 2016

Your choice of music

From heavy metal to pop music, may it be in Wacken-Open-Air, Mera Luna or Hurricane Festival the choice is YOURS , and a lot of great artist come for a great show in Germany. Festivals occur yearly, mostly during summer time with several of genre to choose from. Some festival offer more than just one music genre like Wacken, Wacken is for known for heavy metal but there are other stages that cater middle age music, country and hard rock as well.

Meet & greet new friends around the globe


A lot of music enthusiasts and fans around the globe come every year to witness their choice of festival. I encountered people from Latin America and scattered fans from other European countries, young or old, handicapped or not, gay or lesbian. The festivals also gave me a better view of the world; that through music, people coordinate and it is thrilling to see coordination in a diverse surrounding. Music is power.

Mascots, diverse costumes & Cosplay

A Drinking Dinosaur, Pikachu, Bugs Bunny and a Green glowing man, what more can you ask for? You have them all inside the festival grounds, and be careful, there are cowboys around who shoot with water guns!

Camping + Beer session


When you are about to go to a festival, it is understood immediately that you are going to have a drinking session with your neighbors.One reason is because you are in Germany and secondly, it is refreshing to drink beer in crowded places. If you do not beer, that is ok, you still have “Alster/Radler” as an alternative drink which is less of a beer 😛 Some festival start a day ahead, a lot of campers come from all over Germany and far, the best way to have a cheap and fun stay is to bring a flashlight and a tent with you. I learned a lot from my experience inside the tent while attending Mera Luna festival and I would do the same again if I happen to attend next year. Having a tent with you will make you feel safe through the night, there is a little chance though that you would first start sleeping after 4am when your neighbors are fun to be with.

Make memories while the sun still shines


The festivals I have been to were organized within the summer months in Germany. It makes sense though, no one would really want to camp on a winter weather. Sadly, the summer months are really short but that gives the people to look forward to for next year’s festival. There are memories that I would not forget. I witnessed how a huge crowd wore in majority one color – black. Goths, Metal heads and Electro, I came to a very friendly atmosphere where attacks did not happen. I would recommend new comers in Germany, especially the Filipino community to witness a festival of their choice and to hear music live with a pack of loving people.


Written by: Katherine Draheim


Touring North Rhein Westphalia with my University Semester Ticket

The Semester Ticket

semester ticket

As a student and writer, I have to be always on the go. I like to travel and visit places. Life should be full of adventures and discoveries, and that is why I take advantage of my Semester Ticket.  In Germany, students pay before the semester begin a transit fee. The fee will go for the everyday fare to the university and home and vice versa.

All students in Germany can avail the semester ticket if they are studying in a university. My University identification card comes as a seperate card and I have to renew my semester ticket every semester. Some semester ticket come as one, as a Student I.D. and Semesterticket, they get stamps or sticker for the renewal of the new semester.

The purpose of it is to let students ride the regional trains for 24 hours in a span of 6 months. It makes it very affordable for students to travel the whole federal state where they study. I study in the city of Muenster (Münster) in the state of North Rhein Westphalia (NRW), so, with my semester ticket I have the chance to ride whenerver and wherever I want within the reach of NRW.

Here is a look (in pink) of the location of NRW in Germany.


I started travelling in North-Rhein Westphalia within early spring. I got the chance to know the people and places in NRW, that I have never been to. I began to admire small cities more than the big cities because you will even see more history in the small cities than in the famous ones like Duesseldorf or Cologne.  These are some of the cities in North-Rhein-Westphalia where my Semester Ticket brought me to.


I went to bielefeld because I wanted to know more about the city. Although it was a bit cold for me, I still saw a lot of art sculptures and wonderful buildings within a walk in Bielefeld.



Dortmund is a city where you can do a lot of activities. They have a football museum, art museums, Dino museum and an airport. I went to the U-kino to watch a Filipino Indie Film of FIlipino director, Kidlat Tahimik. A small of Filipino community was there as well.



Because of the nice weather after my class, I decided to visit Hamm. Hamm is a very small city. It is known for having a big reptile event. I did not go to the event though, I went there to get a glimpse of Hamm and to get to know the streets and people from there.


Muenster 😀

Muenster is in Muensterland, NRW. Here is the city where I study. An astonishing city with a lot of bikes, art and culture.



Rheine is a city between the federal state of North-Rhein-Westfalia and Lower Saxony. It is a quiet city with a small zoo.



Essen is known to be the „shopping city in Germany“. I went there to visit the city and my aunt who lives there. We toured around the city and chatted in a cafe.



Osnabrueck is a city in Niedersachsen, but, it is still in reach of the semester ticket. Some boardering cities are still inside the NRW ticket. Students can also ride to Enschede  (the Netherlands) as a last stop of the train.


Inside the train


The Semester ticket is used for the regional trains, which means they aren’t that fast as the Inter-City Trains, but that is not a big deal for students. With a second class seat, I managed to tour and get to my destination. To not get bored on the train, I read German and English books or listen to my mp3 player. I would also have a packed lunch or snack with me to restrain from hunger during the journeys. Sometimes, I get the chance to talk with people on the train who ask for direction or who are travelers just like me.

Other Advantages

The advantage of the semester ticket is that you can spare a lot of time by not buying a fare ticket every day, you just show the semester ticket to the ticket controller every time you ride inside the train. You do not have to pay and wait for your „Sukli“ and it just is really more efficient to use.

Another advantage with the Semester ticket is that you can identify yourself as a „Student“ outside Germany and within reach of Europe. With the Semester ticket you can avail discounts during events, discounts in some amusement parks, museums and Zoo’s. I went once to the Louvre museum in Paris, France and my entrance fee was free of charge because I had a european I.D.,and I was younger than 26 years old.

I also joined a student trip to Belgium with international students. It really does count to have a semester ticket with you, so you could show that you belong to the group of University students and join student trips.

Louvre Museum, Paris.
Student tours in Bruges, Belgium.
Brussels, Belgium (Student Tours)

Without this Semester Ticket, travelling for me would be expensive, especially for students. I estimated and compared what I would have to pay in 6 months if I had no Semester ticket. For a one way ride to the University I have to give out 160 Euro’s per month, that is around 960 Euros for 6 months. My Semester ticket for whole North-Rhein-Westphalia costs around 260 Euros.

My summer vacay is still onging until mid-August and hopefully I could tour more cities in North-West-Phalia before autumn starts.


Written by:
Katherine Draheim

The multifarious bikes in Muenster city



Meunster city – known as the bicycle capital of Germany. as a huge variety of bicycles that can be seen within the city. I have not seen any bike here that looks exactly identical with another bike. But I guess that does not happen much because just like humans, each thing has a different personality. I made a little adventure and saw the diversity of bikes when it comes to its color, deco and use. Here are the most distinct bikes I found in Muenster.

The Bee-Bike


Bike with an old fashioned Google map

Because google maps can’t be read while biking.


The new opening store bike


The baby-carry on bikes

The Curry-advertising bike


The bike with the Dragon toy


The tandem bike

-because one seat is not enough…. (Recommended for overly-attached girlfriends.)


Flowerly-deco bikes

Rainbow bike


Nice wheel colored-bike


Leather seat plus nice design basket bike


& the Laid back bike

for those who are laid back riders 😀


Thanks for the time scrolling down. I hope it somehow motivated you to look into the details and the diversity bikes could have.

-Katherine Draheim